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2018 Council Members

Mayor of Seneca

Brad Smith

     "Born, raised and lived in Seneca my     entire life, except for two years at Central Oregon Community College at Bend, OR.  My wife Sonna, of 37 + years, and I have raised 4 kids here.  I’ve served on the City Council for over 20 years at various times.  

I like living here and it's a great place to raise kids.  I’ve worked on Southworth Bros Ranch since I was 12 and for Hines Lumber for 7-8 years.  I coached football and basketball for 20 years in Seneca and another 7 years for basketball at Grant Union High." 

Since Brad is camera shy, here is a beautiful picture of Seneca taken by his wife, Sonna.

City Council Members

Barbara Northington

     "I have worked as a Registered Nurse for 43 years and am now retired.

I have been a homeowner and resident of Seneca for over 8 years. I am heavily involved in the Seneca "No Way" Community Garden.

I love the rural lifestyle, where every individual is a person. I have many hobbies and love the outdoors;  

including birding and golfing regularly at the Bear Valley Meadows Golf Course here in town.

       Suzanne Hood

           Matt Wenick

Lindsey Wenick


              City Council is comprised of a group of five individuals who are elected to City Council by the citizens of Seneca.  The Council seats are rotated every four years on offset years.  Every two years either two or three Council members run for office.  For example: Andrea Combs, Bill Williams, and Sue Holliday were voted in and accepted to the council as of January of 2015 and will retain their membership until 2018.  Brad Smith and Melissa Pettyjohn were voted in and accepted to the Council in January of 2017 and will retain their membership until 2020.  Once voted in and a full board is reached, at the first meeting in January (the new year), the Council Members vote who among them is to be the Mayor, and that individual holds that position for the next two years.  


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