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City of Seneca Governance

Here you will find information about the City of Seneca's City Governance and

links to it's City Council Members and Meeting Minutes.

City Charter

Charter was Amended and voted in favor for an update in the November 2004 Election.

City Codes and Ordinances

An ordinance is a law passed by a municipal government.  A municipality, such as a city, town, village, or borough, is a political subdivision of a state within which a municipal corporation has been established to provide local government to a population in a defined area.  Ordinances constitute the subject matter of municipal law.  The power of municipal governments to enact an ordinance is derived from the state constitution or statutes or through the legislative grant of a municipal charter.  The charter in large part dictates how much power elected officials have to regulate actions within the municipality.  Municipalities that have been granted “Home Rule” charters by the legislature have the most authority to act.


The practice of submitting and voting on resolutions is a typical

part of business in Congress, state legislature, and other public assemblies.  These bodies use resolutions for two purposes.  First, resolutions express their consensus on matters of public policy: lawmakers routinely deliver criticism or support on a broad range of social issues, legal rights, court opinions, and even decisions by the Executive Branch.  Second, they pass resolutions for internal, administrative purposes.  Resolutions are not laws; they differ fundamentally in their purpose.  However, under certain

circumstances, resolutions can have the effect of law.

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