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Seneca School

Seneca School PRN in 1960's
Seneca School 1949 BME
Seneca School 1939 (2)
Volleyball Team-1953-54
Volleyball Team-1952-53
Turnabout day at school-possibly 1949
Natiavity Scene
Preparing nativity animals
Seneca School--winter
Rope Jumping Team-1952-53
Rope Jumping Team-1953-54
Second Grade-1948
Seneca Swim Pool
Nativity at School
Mike Hendricks on swings
Mike Hendricks on school merry-go-round
Maypole Dance - 1950 I think
First Grade-1947
Liberty bell replica visited in 1950
Dressed for the Maypole Dance
7th & 8th Grades- fall 1953
3rd & 4th Grade-1949
1950 graduating class
1954 Graduation Ceremony
Seneca Grades 2-3 Mrs Jones 1939
11-25-2011 Seneca road  239
49-50 first grade0001
Seneca Grade 1 Miss Lyon 1937
Seneca School photo 193_
Seneca grades 1-3 Mrs Jones
Seneca School, Fall 2013

                The Seneca School, Grant Union School District #3, was established in 1932. Over the years it has had many interested people working diligently to keep the School alive in good repair.  One such group, The Seneca School Foundation, was established with the intent of being able to facilitate the upkeep and repairs that were so desperately needed so that the School can remain open and safe for it's staff and students.  While it was successful in achieving some of it's goals, most of it's funding for major projects was part of a county-wide school bond initiative in 2000 that was voted down by Grant County citizens.                

                Since then, the Foundation was established and there have been many financial contributions in various forms made by local citizens and organizations, and some funds provided by Grant Union School District for emergency need repairs.  As with any older facility, more funding is always needed to help keep the buildings and curriculum up to current standards.

                One of the Schools major upgrades was the New Windows Project.  Between 2009 and 2012, there was funding, from private citizens and partial grant funding from the school district, to replace all of the basement floor level windows in March of 2013.  Click here to see the photos.

                One of the greatest achievements by the Seneca School staff and students has been the Seneca School History Project.  While this Project has many parts and pieces, one of the most impressive is the School Mural.  This project was started in 1985 and was contributed to by several local Artists-in-Residence and by the entire school, all classes and teaching staff taking part.  While I could write more, pictures have more value and tell the tale better.  Click the link below to see for yourself.  

The Seneca School Foundation

              The Seneca School Foundation, Inc. (TSSF) was founded in May of 2002 and later that year was registered with the State of Oregon as a nonprofit corporation, organized with the intent to assist the Seneca School in overcoming the budgetary challenges it now faces.

              In November 2003, the Federal Internal Revenue Service acknowledged the Foundation as an organization meeting the requirements of IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) and granted it tax exempt status under IRS Code Section 501(a).

Its mission is to assist in the maintenance and growth of the Seneca School and to enhance the quality of the programs it provides as an institution of K-8 education and life-long learning.  Its goal is to physically restore, enhance, and indefinitely preserve the Seneca School as an institution of traditional, well-grounded education, providing its students with a center for year-round learning and activities and a source of real-world knowledge and experience by linking the Seneca Kids of yesterday with the Seneca Kids of today.

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