In conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week, the City of Seneca is holding a Community Donated Yard Sale and hosting several silent on-line auctions to raise funds to build our New Fire Station.  Seneca has been awarded a 3:1 Challenge Grant from The Ford Family Foundation on fundraising monies raised until the end of the year.

Yard Sale items and Silent Auction Information below . . . 

Silent Auction Items

All Silent Auction items are available at:  


Glass Mosaic Gecko

by Barbara Northington

This beautiful glass art window was designed, hand made,

and donated by Barb Northington.  While Barb is currently retired from a distinguished career in the medical field, she graces us with her time, creativity, and dedication to the

City.  She's one of the leaders of the Seneca Community Garden, along with the amazing Susie Hood, and serves

on the Seneca City Council.  

The glass in this mosaic has been painstakingly hand pieced and laid on an existing, framed window, then re-framed for displayIn frame, this mosaic window measures 21.5" tall by 16" wide.  Bidding will start at $300.00 and can be bid on by following this link:

Oil Painting on Canvas

by Pearl Wright

Not much is known about this painting by Pearl Wright, except the year it was painted, which is handwritten on the back.  It was found in the estate of Bjerte "BJ" Larsen Williams and donated to the City for the fundraiser by her widower, Bill Williams.  He thought BJ had been friends with Pearl and had spent considerable time at the Valley Art Association in Forest Grove, OR.  More about Pearl Wright and her legacy can be found through the Valley Art Association at 

This oil painting was found out of frame and measures 29" tall by 25" wide, edge to edge.  Bidding will start at $1,000.00 and can be bid on by following this link:

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