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  • History of Seneca | city-of-seneca

    History of Seneca The Seneca post office was established in 1895 and the city was named by postmistress Minnie Southworth for her brother-in-law, prominent Portland judge Seneca Smith. The area was historically settled and used by the Paiute Indians, early homesteaders and trappers moved into Bear Valley in the late 1800's, but Seneca only began growing in earnest in 1929 when it became the northern terminus of the now-vacated Oregon and Northwestern Railroad, owned by the Edward Hines Lumber Company, which came up from Burns to the south. That time marked the beginning of large-scale shipping of Ponderosa Pine logs to the Hines sawmill in Hines from Seneca and the surrounding Malheur National Forest. The Seneca School was established in 1932. The company established a planing mill and railroad shops in Seneca, and it became, in spirit, a company town, although in reality it was not: the company did not own either the property or the buildings.[1] When Hines came to the area they made a promise to the Chamber of Commerce: “We will never enter into commerce other than the manufacture of lumber.” While this was legally true in practice is was only almost true. The development of Seneca was done by a corporation known as "The Seneca Company." This was headed by Edward W. Barnes. It was Barns who bought the town site to its current location, which was originally part of the Lincoln Ranch. The people that lived in Seneca had to buy their houses from the builder; they were not provided by Hines. This arrangement was similar to that of the town of Hines. The lumber company brought in a large developer from the South to build the town of Seneca, although Mrs. Hines had a hand in picking the design of the various styles for the original homes. The development of the town of Hines is well documented, Seneca less so. In 1940 Seneca's population was 275. Logging in the area began to decline in the 1970's, and the Hines Company ceased operations of its lumber mills and railroad in 1984. The town was incorporated as a city in 1970 as lumber company control began to wane. According to the 1980 census, Seneca's population was 285. The 2015 Census stated the population was 193. [1]

  • Permits | city-of-seneca

    Permits & Licenses Special Event Permit Special Event Permit Information ​ An event may be considered a "Special Event" if any of the following apply: gatherings/events that involve large groups of people, advertised to the public and do not occur regularly on a site, cause impact to or use City streets (including curb or parking lane), sidewalks and/or public rights-of-way, and/or use City facilities or property (i.e., city buildings, parks and parking lots) ​ Examples include, but are not limited to a road race, bike race, walk, parade, festival, market, carnival, concert, block party, car show, vigil/protest, wedding, etc. ​ Permit Application Requirements: Special Events require a permit issued by the City. Additional documents which the City may also require to make an application complete include: ​ Certificate of Insurance releasing the City of Seneca from liability. Street closure plan. Traffic control plan. ODOT and/or Clackamas County approval. Park/shelter reservation form if event is to be held at City park. Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Permit: If alcohol use is planned for your Special Event, submit OLCC permits with your application. Temporary Restaurant License & Food Handler Certificate: For any food service establishment in the street, public right-of-way, and City facility. ​ Traffic Control Plan You will need to include a Traffic Control Plan if your event is to affect public right-of-way with any one of these conditions (Note: Public right-of-way extends beyond the paved or travel surface of a roadway): ​ Restrict or close a roadway (lanes, bike lanes, shoulders, etc.) Restrict or close a sidewalk/pathway Restrict or close a driveway Restrict or close parking spaces Restrict or close a Public Parking Lot Directing traffic with the use of a Certified Flagger, Police Officer or signs Posting of any signs in the right-of-way Examples of Traffic Control Plans: A Traffic Control Plan should site specific map of routes or locations where event will take place: ​ Streets and cross streets with lane configurations Location and placement of all required MUTCD advance warning signs (list type of signs to be used) Location and placement of all certified flaggers Placement of cones and cone tapers Show traffic, pedestrian and bike detours and/or delays Show affected businesses ​ Additional Information After receipt of the Special Event Permit Application, you may be contacted by affected City departments if additional information is needed or to discuss the specific plans to accommodate the Event and its impact upon the public generally. Submission of Application for Permit An application is available through clicking the link above or picking one up at the City office during regular business hours. Once the form is completed it can by submitted to the City by email, fax, or mail to the City of Seneca: ​ City of Seneca 106 A Ave./P. O. Box 208 Seneca, Oregon 97873 Fax: 877-688-0015 Email: Conditional Use Permit Conditional Use Permit Information Business License Application Appeals Appeals

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